Waterbury Dart Players Associations
Division 4

Bar NameTeam NameW-LGamesWksOwes
The Pine's CafeWhatevers69-27968$0
Whitewood CafePookie's Allstars62-34968$0
The Turf RestaurantDrinking Team with dart p32-64968$0
The Local Public HouseLife of Rylie30-66968$0

Player NameTeam NameTonsHats6-89'sWinsTotal
Hunter Jr, RaynorPookie's Allstars5614602194
Simoncelli, JimWhatevers4511302180
Smith, SteveWhatevers469302180
Simons, DanWhatevers3611501971
Williams, PookiePookie's Allstars268201450
Gannon, JonLife of Rylie323201148
Schaeffer, RonWallbangers244401547
Edwards, KenDrinking Team with dart p246201244
Perry, DamienPookie's Allstars275201044
Piacentini, JoeWallbangers255001343
Lawrence, SteveWallbangers194701141
Saunders, DalePookie's Allstars24320736
Balnis, FionaLife of Rylie26200735
Jacques, VinWhatevers20530735
Edwards JR, RobDrinking Team with dart p22130733
Leas, RebeccaDrinking Team with dart p17420730
Spinola, JohnPookie's Allstars18400830
Pronovost, EdwardDrinking Team with dart p19300628
Robillard, Rylie Life of Rylie17130627
Piacentini, MarcWallbangers14030320
Balnis, DaveLife of Rylie6010411
Muniz,(DJ Roc) GabePookie's Allstars501028
Mogob, DanWhatevers331017
Luca, GregWallbangers201115
Coughlan, TimLife of Rylie220004
Gaudiosi, WendyDrinking Team with dart p400004
Gensler, KyleLife of Rylie200013
McGeehan, CidaliaWallbangers300003
Beazer, TyroneWallbangers100012
Zupkus, JimmyLife of Rylie001012
Murphy, MicheleLife of Rylie000000