Tuesday, October 15 2019

Congrats to Winter 2019 Division winners, Summer s

Updated: Monday June 10 2019 Waterbury Dart Players Assoc, our payoff meeting and last day to sign up for the Summer Session which will be starting 6/25 & 6/26 will be Jume 18TH @ The Turf Restaurant. There will be a drop in open to anyone that can pick up a dart. Congratulations To our Division winners Div1 Turf CT Smuts,Josh Bellmay, David Boisvert, Steve Bosco,Ray Demers Div 2 The Iron Horse Sparkling Unicorns: Erik Fink, Justin Carney, Thomas R. Roach, Josh Bellmay Div 3 The Turf Queen & Her court(Nate Lewis, Richard Bernier Jr, Natalie Perugini, Ron Brown Div4 The Turf Rest Short Shafts & Sticky Tips: Miguel Rebelo, Michael Addeo, Anthony Lepri, Bobby Marek Div 5 Diamond Lills Beers before Bulls,Steve Caps, Omayra Luis Avino, John Cappella, Frank Franceskino Div8 The Scoreboard Ashley & The Kumquats Ashley Sisk, Mike Monteiro, Toby Strileckis, Rob O'Donnell Div 6 The Turf Team Ramrod: Blake Dominello, Pat Wagner Jr., Edward L. Pronovost , Rubin RodriguezII Div 10 The Outside Inn Bullshooters: Dan Vincent, Mike Forbes, Bruce Blanchard, Robe Wergin. Thank you all, see you soon WWW.Waterbury Darts.com THE MANAGEMENT Dart players of the W.D.P.A. the ratings have been posted. Please continue getting your teams put together. The Summer session is going to start end of June. Tuesday or Wednesday night. if you have any questions you can call or text, Richard/Reb (203) 982-8375, Jim Civitello (203)228-9122 We will be having 3,4,5 drop ins in the next few weeks culminated by the Dart party, payout, signup, drop in get together @ the Turf Restaurant approximately middle of June WWW.Waterburydarts.com More info soon Thank you, THE MANAGEMENT