Thursday, May 13 2021

Sign-ups underway for 2021

Updated: Friday April 23 2021 ATTENTION: WDPA DART PLAYERS. Here at WDPA World Headquarters in Oakville CT, The 2020-2021 Winter dart session is forming now. WDPA dart shooters, the time is drawing near. We are open for sign-ups WDPA: Darts League shooters, a reminder about the drop in Sunday and sign-ups for the upcoming Spring/Summer session. Sign-ups will be open till Mommy's day 5/9. Season will open 5/25, 26. Hope to see you Sunday THE MANAGEMENT always Tuesdays/Wednesdays. Look forward to seeing everyone soon.. Sign up sheets can be found @ or contact your bar or text or contact Richard (203-982-8375) or Jim Civitello (202-228-9122). THE MANAGEMENT WDPA opening night, if you neglected to pick up your dart packet last night, I will do my best to deliver them to where they need to be. Please contact me if you do not have it. LET THE GAMES BEGIN The Management