Friday, October 19 2018

Division 2 Player Stats

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Player NameTeam NameTonsHats6-89'sWinsTotal
Guarino, MikeTons Are For Pussies1445428453283
Pickert, (The Dart Machine)EugeneComplete Assholes1475416153273
Gonzalez,(can i come in) DerrickCrenshaw's Mafia1375629046268
Mulhall,(Super Ted) TomJust The Tip1414521040247
Arana,(BIG DAWG)JohnHeavy Hitters1344118251236
Guarino, FrankTons Are For Pussies1194321136219
Taveira, JorgeBeers Before Bulls1252615235204
Savo, SalTons Are For Pussies1213013127192
Crespo, JuanCrenshaw's Mafia1073310034182
Simoes, HelderCrenshaw's Mafia1172010032179
Civitello, JimComplete Assholes1042014128167
Zipoli,(DJZ) AronHeavy Hitters101234126156
Ribeiro, PeteBeers Before Bulls100227125155
Pichardo,(Moreno)JoseHeavy Hitters100208020148
Silva, DannyBeers Before Bulls971710023147
Lluveres, CarlosHeavy Hitters892011022142
Mulhall, AlexJust The Tip94189018139
Anderson, DaveComplete Assholes96178017138
Finkenzeller,(Dart Beast) EricJust The Tip732112025131
O,(Bombay)BillyJust The Tip831813015129
Oliveira, AlBeers Before Bulls84165015120
Bernier, RichComplete Assholes671711116112
Savo, AnthonyTons Are For Pussies75125111103
Crenshaw, JermaineCrenshaw's Mafia6896018101
Griffen, BrianComplete Assholes321130954
Salerno, RobJust The Tip21720333
Sapack, KenHeavy Hitters15310322
Garcia, BenjaminCrenshaw's Mafia16210120
Dwyer,(The Doctor) MikeComplete Assholes11211217
Wendling, JoeComplete Assholes10200416
Rose, MikeBeers Before Bulls8110111
Barroqueiro, BinoBeers Before Bulls7020110
Benitez, HectorCrenshaw's Mafia700029
Kiugel, MattTons Are For Pussies611019
Frois, JonJust The Tip710008
Leahy, AndyTons Are For Pussies521008
Plourde, JasonHeavy Hitters430018
Walker, ZippyComplete Assholes420006
Lopez, AdamJust The Tip220015
Augelli, MartyBeers Before Bulls110013
Ricciardi, NickJust The Tip300003
Frois, SteveJust The Tip200002
Sullo, LarryTons Are For Pussies101002

Bar NameTeam NameW-LGamesWksOwes
Venue CafeCrenshaw's Mafia133-10724020$0
The Pine's CafeComplete Assholes129-11124020$0
The ShamrockTons Are For Pussies128-11224020$0
Brooklyn CafeHeavy Hitters123-11724020$0
Speakeasy Just The Tip102-13824020$0
Politics BarBeers Before Bulls101-13924020$0