Friday, December 02 2022

Division 6 Player Stats

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Player NameTeam NameTonsHats6-89'sWinsTotal
Merithew, Justin3 Men & A Lady1333415269253
Monteiro, MikeGarcia Wears Panties1123212160216
Lukas, MarkHackers101276047181
Martinez (EzMoney), EricBeer B4 Bulls992114043179
Risdon (Rizzo), JustinGoin Out In Style89198042158
Albanese, NickBeer B4 Bulls90224041157
Garcia,(Rule Maker) JohnGarcia Wears Panties921510035152
Brayton, DanGoin Out In Style85164038143
Maughan, TommyGoin Out In Style75177034133
Cellupica, TonySlots From Out of Town79107030126
Baranauskas, Dave3 Men & A Lady82111030124
Monroe, ScottGoin Out In Style81107025123
ODonnel,(The 2 Hitter)RobGarcia Wears Panties7797018111
Posa, (SKILZ)RickHackers71107022111
Blasi, MarkHackers6499019102
Acosta, (The Babysitter)EricBeer B4 Bulls6211601695
Tarnowicz, Ryan3 Men & A Lady6510301795
Strileckis, TobyGarcia Wears Panties576302187
Silva R. DannySlots From Out of Town533602082
Fac, StephenHackers554401679
Milia,"PAPA" ArtSlots From Out of Town4910201879
Alves,(jwello) JulioSlots From Out of Town593201276
Francisco, SeanBeer B4 Bulls33450951
Simpson, EricBeer B4 Bulls292301044
Germano, Jessica3 Men & A Lady20240632
Lubus, LennySlots From Out of Town17410729
Briglia, ChrisSlots From Out of Town8210314
Mendillo, MattGarcia Wears Panties6110311
Rodriguez, MarkGarcia Wears Panties7000310
Olivera, Lou3 Men & A Lady501006
Santana, DainHackers401016
Silva, AlvaroSlots From Out of Town230016
Savoy, FredBeer B4 Bulls310015
Zainc, KevinGarcia Wears Panties320005
Fortier,(The Dime) DaveGarcia Wears Panties301004
Searles, DanHackers400004
Wester, ScottSlots From Out of Town400004
Fratea, ChrisSlots From Out of Town110013
Perry, Damien3 Men & A Lady300003

Bar NameTeam NameW-LGamesWksOwes
McFairlawnsGarcia Wears Panties140-10024020$0
JC HooksGoin Out In Style139-10124020$0
Deemans3 Men & A Lady122-11824020$0
The CaveBeer B4 Bulls120-12024020$0
The Turf RestaurantHackers105-13524020$0
Politics BarSlots From Out of Town92-14824020$0