Friday, December 02 2022

Division 6 Player Stats

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Player NameTeam NameTonsHats6-89'sWinsTotal
Gannon, JonLife of Rylie519203597
Leas, RebeccaLife of Rylie514302178
Strileckis, TobyAshley & The Cumquats439201973
Irvine, (Duck) TaylorGrateful Dart315402262
Robillard, Rylie Life of Rylie244401850
ODonnel,(The 2 Hitter)RobAshley & The Cumquats30420944
Vincent,(Crypt Keeper) DanTips Out for the Boys262101443
Irvine, JamesonGrateful Dart262121142
Mahoney, (Marks)BrendenGrateful Dart22631941
Kica, LuanAshley & The Cumquats253001340
Sisk, AshleyAshley & The Cumquats245001240
Torres, HectorTips Out for the Boys23320836
Curry,(Chef) JackGrateful Dart24100934
Osipiak, ScottAshley & The Cumquats132101127
Balnis, FionaLife of Rylie16100724
Marcinczyk, (Squeeze)CullenGrateful Dart13010721
Richmyer, SeanTips Out for the Boys10210619
Torres, DaliaTips Out for the Boys14100419
Andreoli, (The Mailman)DaveTips Out for the Boys9010515
Santana, AngelTips Out for the Boys8300314
Garcia,(Rule Maker) JohnAshley & The Cumquats6010613
Young, ScottTips Out for the Boys7100412
Eldridge, DaveAshley & The Cumquats7200211
Currie, MichaelTips Out for the Boys6000410
Brys, JayTips Out for the Boys600028
Rodriguez,(Datdude) RubinLife of Rylie310048
Edwards JR, RobLife of Rylie311027
Lund, SarahAshley & The Cumquats201036
Denu, ReeseGrateful Dart200035
Murphy, MicheleLife of Rylie300025
Anderson, RyanGrateful Dart110114
Balnis, DaveLife of Rylie320024
Diogostine, JacobTips Out for the Boys110024
Zinko, JimTips Out for the Boys400004
Mariano, DaveTips Out for the Boys200013
Robillard, RandyLife of Rylie200013
Turner, KarinaTips Out for the Boys300003
Doms, GregTips Out for the Boys100012
Mannello, MichaelaTips Out for the Boys200002
Ambrose, MarkTips Out for the Boys100001

Bar NameTeam NameW-LGamesWksOwes
The Local Public HouseLife of Rylie92-5214412$0
The ScoreboardAshley & The Cumquats75-6914412$0
Borus CafeGrateful Dart62-8214412$0
The Iron HorseTips Out for the Boys54-9014412$0