Friday, December 02 2022

Division 4 Player Stats

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Player NameTeam NameTonsHats6-89'sWinsTotal
Defilo, MikeAll About The Money6595034113
Morales, AdrianThe Duckies54136132106
Fedonik, ChrisTons Of Bull625602295
Saunders, NoahAll About The Money498601982
Boyles, DavidAll About The Money403503078
Howard, ShakimAll About The Money515201876
Martin, DavidThe Duckies494501876
Roberts (Havok), KrisSavages416601366
Poplawski, KrisSavages373401862
Penn (Joker), JamesSavages282401145
Antunes, FernandoThe Duckies243101442
Bacchus, ScottTons Of Bull253201040
Schulze, VickyTons Of Bull22320936
Sharkis, DanTons Of Bull161211232
Kroc, DavidThe Duckies21020730
Currie, MichaelThe Duckies6110513
Callaway, KathleenSavages6200412
Mercedes, (Keko), JuanAll About The Money510028
Mitchell, SeanThe Duckies310048
Doran, BrianSavages510006
Howard, NijavanAll About The Money210025
Pelletier, MartyTons Of Bull200035
Broughton, JayAll About The Money200002

Bar NameTeam NameW-LGamesWksOwes
Cafe 457All About The Money105-3914412$0
The Rubber DuckyThe Duckies80-6414412$0
Baki's PizzaTons Of Bull56-8814412$0
The Turf RestaurantSavages46-9814412$0