Monday, December 11 2023

Division 4 Player Stats

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Player NameTeam NameTonsHats6-89'sWinsTotal
Rose(BUTTONS), MikeWasted Talent1262811160226
Mulhall, AlexWasted Talent1222211064219
Rua,(Shogun) RogerBent Tips100186041165
Hiscock, SteveBent Tips88175039149
Alvarado, SamThe Rubber Duckies94146029143
Brayton, DanGoin' Out In Style82164039141
Berry, BrianGoin' Out In Style841113032140
Hill, CourtneyTips & Tits78219029137
Pichardo,(Moreno)JoseThe Rubber Duckies76127039134
Maughan, TommyGoin' Out In Style7587132123
Crocco, (Chef)StanShut Up & Throw59178132116
Gannon, JonShut Up & Throw7574029115
Alberto, (QB1)DJTips & Tits56156027104
Golebieski, KevinBent Tips5515702299
Martin, DavidThe Rubber Duckies634802499
Doran, BrianShut Up & Throw5811402598
Quirke, JaimieTips & Tits6111801696
Risdon (Rizzo), JustinGoin' Out In Style597402393
Mahar, BradWasted Talent533902186
Karas, AdamWasted Talent35101111875
Landin, TrystenShut Up & Throw475102073
Duque,( The Beard) MikeBent Tips464501671
Ramirez, RickThe Rubber Duckies463301466
Pinto, LizzyTips & Tits29350643
Leclerc, JohnWasted Talent11311420
Bao, Jay AnthonyWasted Talent9110314
Cronin, JohnBent Tips10220014
Delbuano, KinseyTips & Tits8110313
Mowad, MarkShut Up & Throw7200312
Arcuri, JayBent Tips7000411
Santaigo, EddyWasted Talent610007
Morales, AdrianThe Rubber Duckies310026
Acosta, (The Babysitter)EricBent Tips201025
McGuire, JayTips & Tits300014
Alvarado, (LEE)StephanieTips & Tits000022
Mahon, JimGoin' Out In Style101002
Cruz, JayBent Tips100001

Bar NameTeam NameW-LGamesWksOwes
The Jameson PubWasted Talent170-7024020$0
Crabby Al'sGoin' Out In Style126-11424020$0
Howards CafeBent Tips124-11624020$0
The Jameson PubShut Up & Throw109-13124020$0
The Rubber DuckyThe Rubber Duckies108-13224020$0
The CaveTips & Tits84-15624020$0